Monday, May 10, 2010

Clothing, clothing, clothing

I love dressing up. When I was little, different outfits had different characters and personalities which I would then adopt (but usually in an internal monologue-y sort of way since kids already thought I was weird).

Now that I'm an adult, my outfits don't really have characters, but moods. Sassy outfit or grumpy outfit or schlepy outfit, for example.

I was just looking at the new arrivals on Lucie Lu and I began creating characters in my head.

Varuca likes drinking chai lattes and reading musty leather-bound books about lycanthropy when she's not rehearsing with her band. (I really watch far too much Buffy for my own good.)

Kiara is a dancer. She trains at the ballet school but moonlights as a salsa instructor on Wednesdays for spare cash. On Saturday nights, you can always find her in the middle of the dance floor, drenched in sweat while the vibrations of the bass hum through her body.

Isn't it fun? I ordered the whimsy bow tee and the zipper tee. As soon as I get them and try them on, I will tell you their stories.